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Please, add your first item to the wishlist

Please, add your first item to the wishlist


Our Sustainability Commitment

The most sustainable products are the ones you never throw away – but nothing lasts forever, so we source the most durable, recyclable materials we can find and work with socially responsible suppliers.

Our Promise to the Planet

We are concerned about the future of our planet and as parents, want to set a good example for our children in the work we do. But we are also realistic and have a business to run. While we cannot be perfect, our promise at SuperPetit is to be ever mindful of our environmental impact with our designs, production and partnerships while maintaining our high quality and standards.


Our silicone rubber tablemats and accessories are designed to be used countless times, but when your SuperPetit silicone tablemat reaches the end of its useful life, you can…


Damaged tablemats can be cut into new shapes and reused as pot stands, slip-mats, bumpers, jar openers, coasters, drawer liners and all sorts of home projects. Have a project to add to this list? – All good ideas will receive a SuperPetit gift. Click here for details.


When it is time to say goodbye, silicone recycling facilities are readily available in most countries, but if you cannot find one, please let us help. Just mail your SuperPetit item back to us and to help cover the postage, we’ll give you a big discount on a replacement. Click here for details.


We know that however good our intentions may be, some of our products are going to end up in the refuse bin.

  • Once in landfill, silicone does not biodegrade in any meaningful way, but due to its durability neither does it break down into microplastics nor end up in the food chain or our waterways.
  • If incinerated, unlike plastic, food-grade silicone breaks down into harmless inorganic compounds. Not good, but not bad either.


Beautiful packaging is an important part of our product design, but the finishes and materials that keep our products looking good are often plastic-based and harder to recycle. Our solutions:

  • Boxes are made from at least 30% recycled card and are fully recyclable.
  • We do not use plastic laminates or finishes.
  • We print with soy ink.
  • We use the minimum amount of packaging necessary to protect our products.
  • We request our full supply chain to use recycled and/or fully recyclable materials.

Working conditions & Labour Practices

We carefully selected and visited all the factories we use to verify good working conditions and quality control.

It is fun to do something that we can see working.

This means that we contribute 1% of our sales to environmental non-profit organisations chosen by our children.

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